County Revenue Legislation

HB 144 by Paul Beckman
This bill would increase the sales tax exemption on computers from $750 to $1,500 during the sales tax holiday.

HB 145 by April Weaver
This bill would create a sales tax exemption for Evangel Presbyterian Church of Alabaster.

HB 158 by Kerry Rich
This bill would require governments to use E-verify to determine the legal status of someone applying for a business license.

HB 242 by John Knight
This constitutional amendment, if approved in a statewide vote, would remove the state sales tax on food and over-the-counter drugs and limit the state income tax deduction for federal income taxes.

HB 274 by Patricia Todd
This bill would increase the state tobacco tax.

HB 284 by Randy Wood
SB 200 by Bill Holtzclaw
This bill would exempt contractors from sales and use tax on materials bought for a government contract project.

HB 303 by Ron Johnson
This bill would exempt prescription drugs when calculating gross receipts for municipal business licenses.

HB 355 by Mike Hill
This proposed legislation would create a commission charged with developing the programs and procedures necessary to bring Alabama into compliance with the Streamline Sales Tax Agreement in the event federal legislation adopting the agreement becomes law. The Commission, composed of persons appointed by the Department of Revenue, the ACCA, and the Alabama League of Municipalities, would also identify provisions of Alabama’s sales tax laws which would need to be amended to bring the state into compliance with the Streamline Sales Tax Agreement.

HB 365 by Jamie Ison
This bill would require internet sellers to inform Alabama purchasers that they are required to pay certain state and local sales taxes.

HB 367 by Terri Collins
SB 385 by Clay Scofield

This bill would provide that the business license tax would be levied on the gun show organizer and not on each participant in the show.

HB 418 by Becky Nordgren
This bill, the Small Winery Business Viability Act, would update operational law relating to the sale and distribution of wine, wine tasting events, and wine production among small wineries. It would also provide for a license fee and wine excise tax for small wineries.

HB 419 by Randy Wood
This bill would exempt certain diabetic medical supplies from all sales and use taxes.

HB 427 by Paul DeMarco
SB 347 by Ben Brooks
Among other changes, this bill would abolish the Department of Revenue’s Administrative Law Division and create a free-standing state agency, the Alabama Tax Appeals Commission, to resolve disputes between taxpayers and tax collectors.

HB 444 by Jim Barton
This bill would exempt aircraft components from sales tax.

SB 72 by Del Marsh
This bill would prohibit new enrollments in the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) after April 1, 2011, and it would limit interest on DROP accounts.

SB 73 by Scott Beason
HB 105 by
Jim McClendon
This bill would allow tow trucks to be licensed based on their weight without regard to the weight they can tow.

SB 109 by Arthur Orr
This bill would allow a county or municipality to remove sales tax on food.

SB 111 by Arthur Orr
HB 124 by John Merrill
This constitutional amendment, if approved in a statewide referendum, would prohibit occupational taxes.

SB 223 by Del Marsh
This bill would extend the period of time to 30 years that granting authorities can abate certain taxes for data processing centers located in Alabama. This bill would also lower certain employment thresholds so more centers may qualify.

SB 232 by Ben Brooks
This bill would replace the Department of Revenue's in-house administrative law judges with a free-standing Tax Court to hear disputes between taxpayers and the department.

SB 254 by Bryan Taylor
This bill would increase the threshold for quarterly filing of state sales tax.



If you have questions concerning these or other bills, please contact Mary Pons at (334) 263-7594.

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