9-1-1 Legislation

HB 13 by Jack Williams
SB 68 by Jimmy Holley

This bill would allow local governments to purchase goods and services through Government Services Administration vendors without further competitive bidding. It would also specify that life-cycle costs may be considered in determining the low bid for water and sewer public works projects. It also allows life-cycle costs for “fixtures.”

HB 389 by Barbara Boyd
This bill would allow two or more counties to establish an authority to administer a radio/alert notification system for member counties.

SB 63 by Gerald Allen
This bill would allow volunteer fire departments to go in together on a workers’ compensation pool.

SB 72 by Del Marsh
This bill would prohibit new enrollments in the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) after April 1, 2011, and it would limit interest on DROP accounts.

SB 101 by Del Marsh
HB 114 by Greg Canfield
This bill would adjust 9-1-1 fees on wireless telephone customers. It would drop the fee from $.70 to $.65 for customers who post-pay on a monthly basis. It would charge $.65 per transaction for customers who pre-pay for their minutes. This bill threatens to reduce revenue to 9-1-1 services. Bill overview

SB 107 by Linda Coleman
This bill would allow awarding authorities to award disadvantaged businesses a secondary contract worth up to 20 percent of the original contract value.

SB 195 by Del Marsh
This bill would require counties to make provision for electronic bids.

SB 226 by Gerald Dial
HB 259 by Greg Wren
This bill would make numerous changes to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center such as authorizing the center to collect fees on non-criminal background checks and authorizing any licensing agency or board to require a criminal background for licensing.

SB 285 by Marc Keahey
HB 312 by Mike Millican
This bill would replace the Commercial Mobile Radio Service Board with a statewide E-911 Board.

SB 317 by Del Marsh
This bill would only take effect if the state Supreme Court affirms a lower court ruling saying that the same 9-1-1 fees are owed on both pre-paid and post-paid cell service. The bill would leave the fee at 70 cents per transaction for both types of service, but it calls for new fees that would eat away at the total revenue generated for 9-1-1 service.

SB 438 by Del Marsh
This bill would create a new statewide board to oversee 9-1-1 service, replacing the existing Commercial Mobile Radio Service Board. The bill would provide that the new board would establish and collect a single statewide emergency telephone service charge, replacing all other wireline and wireless E-9-1-1 charges. It would set new procedures for collecting from prepaid wireless customers, and it would also create a Permanent Oversight Commission.

If you have questions concerning these or other bills, please contact Mary Pons at (334) 263-7594.

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