Section 11-30-2,
Code of Alabama 1975

Any group of two or more counties of the state of Alabama may establish a liability self-insurance fund for the purpose of pooling its resources and funds to provide coverage for each member county and/or its officers and employees on account of a claim as defined in this chapter. Member counties may appropriate such funds as necessary to the liability self-insurance fund created hereunder.

Eligibility for Participation
Any county commission that is a member of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama is eligible to participate in the Fund. Some boards, commissions and agencies created by participating county commissions may be allowed to participate.

Coverage Provided
The Fund provides liability insurance for a county, county officers and county employees of participants. Specific coverages, limitations and exclusions are provided in the Fund Coverage Document.

Legal Status
The Fund is a Not-For-Profit corporation recognized as a governmental entity for tax purposes.

The Fund operates pursuant to formal by-laws and is governed by a Board of Trustees, as provided in the by-laws. The Board of Trustees consists of fifteen members appointed from participating counties. Trustees are eligible to serve no more than two three-year terms.

Claims Administration
The Fund contracts with a third-party administrator (TPA) to administer all liability claims presented to participants. Claims are administered consistent with an agreement entered into between the TPA and the Fund, and consistent with the provisions of the Coverage Document. The current TPA for the Fund is Meadowbrook Insurance, Inc., located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Financial Administration
Each participant is required to make an annual financial contribution to the Fund. Contributions are invested and held until needed to pay claims and necessary operating expenses. The amount of contribution by each participant is determined by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of a qualified actuary. The Fund is audited annually by a certified public accounting firm.

Refund of Contributions and Earnings Distributions
The Fund's Board of Trustees frequently approves the refund of contributions and distribution of Fund investment earnings. Refunds and distributions are based on participant claims experience and other actuarial considerations.

Miscellaneous Benefits of Participation
In addition to the payment and administration of claims, Fund participants receive other benefits and services as described below.

Loss Control: Loss control services are provided through the Fund's TPA and include periodic facilities inspection, loss control manuals and instructional material, assistance in establishing local loss control committees, defensive driving courses, flagmen courses and many other related forms of assistance.

Specialized Claims Administration: The employees of the TPA that handle claims for Fund participants do not handle claims for any other fund or individual employer. In other words, they specialize in handling claims for county governments participating in the Fund.

Excellent Legal Representation: A large percentage of liability claims presented to Fund participants are dispensed with as a result of litigation or other procedures involving attorneys. The majority of all litigation and other legal matters resulting from claims against Fund participants are handled by the Webb and Eley Law Firm, located in Montgomery, Alabama. The firm handles several hundred cases a year for the Fund and therefore many of the partners and associates specialize in county government litigation. The firm is universally recognized for its expertise in county government legal matters.

Important Addresses and Telephone Numbers
ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund
100 N. Jackson Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
Fund Administrator: Henry van Arcken

Click here to see the list of Liability Self-Insurance Board of Trustees.

Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc.
P. O. Box 11047
Montgomery, AL 36111
Telephone: or

Claims: Mark Macon
Direct Telephone:

Loss Control: Jerry Gill
Direct Telephone:

Policy Information: Belinda Bush
Direct Telephone:

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