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ACCA's Hot Five is a behind-the-scenes look at how the Association’s relationships with outside organizations, departments and special committees can keep you informed of all the HOT news in Montgomery and across Alabama. Each Monday morning, ACCA members can expect news about special events and programs ACCA staff are working on for the benefit of our membership and county government in Alabama.

Project Yellow Bridge launched in Crenshaw County
Twenty-five bridges in Crenshaw County have a new paint job. The County Highway Department has painted yellow stripes along the curbs to show that these are weight-restricted bridges. Benjie Sanders, county engineers, told the Luverne Journal that people are so used to seeing weight-restriction signs that they hardly pay them any attention, and he highlighted the economic impact of these bridges. Read the full story

Want to run for ACCA office?
One of the most important parts of the ACCA Annual Convention is the election of officers, board of directors and legislative committee.

Nominations are still being accepted for the board of directors and legislative committee. These positions are elected by district. Forms for these positions must be received in the Association office no later than Aug. 5.

Redistricting tips and timelines
The Association has prepared a two-page fact sheet outlining the necessary steps and deadlines to redraw county commission districts. This is critical information since the 2012 primary has been moved to March 13, putting the deadline to redraw lines in mid-September. If you still have questions after reading this document, contact Mary Pons.

Alabama Legislature goes home
The Alabama Legislature's 2011 Regular Session is over, and many thanks to all the Association members who contacted legislators on a variety of issues over the last 15 weeks. To read an update on how Association bills fared, check out the June 10 Weekly Update.

AAEM conference rescheduled
The AAEM Summer Conference has been rescheduled for September 27-29, 2011, at the Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, Ala. If you have already registered as an attendee or vendor, your registration will be automatically transferred to September. If you are unable to attend the conference in September, email Donna Key and she will issue a refund for your conference registration. Registration for attendees and vendors is open again for the September dates. You can register through the online system by clicking here.

If you reserved your room at the Perdido Beach Resort, the room rate will be the same and the hotel will automatically transfer your registration to the September 27-29 dates. They will email you a new confirmation number. If you can not attend the conference, notify the hotel for cancellation of your hotel rooms. The room block for the September dates is open and when you register as an attendee or vendor you will receive an email confirmation with the hotel information on it.

District meeting pictures
See some smiling faces from the district meetings, even if you aren't on Facebook by viewing this album.

Association joins Facebook, Twitter
The Association of County Commissions of Alabama has entered the world of social media. We've got a page on Facebook where we've already posted a few pictures from district meetings, and we're on Twitter too. "Like" or "follow" us to get short, timely updates. In both places, just search for alabamacounties.

Ethics Commission Weighs In
The Alabama Ethics Commission issued an advisory opinion recently about Association events and the newly revised state ethics law. This opinion, although stamped "draft", was adopted by the ethics commission after considerable discussion.

You will see that much of the opinion focuses on activities related to the ACCA conferences and conventions, but also addresses other meal functions as well as social functions which are not connected to our conferences and conventions.

"We are grateful to the ethics commission for their quick consideration of our questions and for the direction they have provided county officials and employees throughout the state," said ACCA Executive Director Sonny Brasfield.

Special Session Final Report
As promised, the ACCA staff has prepared a full report on the seven new "ethics reform" laws passed during the December special session. Check out the details here.

Ethics resource
The Code of Ethical Conduct for Alabama County Commissioners can be a good reference for new commissioners.

ACCA Partners Program
The ACCA recently began a new program for companies interested in doing business with counties in Alabama.  The ACCA Partners Program gives companies an inside track to participating in Association activities and events.  Click here to view the Partners Program brochure.

Do you Self Gov?
This is an election year, which means it's time to face the question, "To self-gov, or not to self-gov?" Self governance gives a county commission the authority to abate certain nuisances, only applies to the unincorporated areas of the county, and essentially gives Alabama voters the ability to return control of the local communities back to the local level. Self governance is certainly not a question to be taken lightly, but it is a very serious question to be considered during an election year.

Educate yourselves on the finer points on just what self governance really means. Check out the self governance Web site. Questions? Please contact Mary Pons at .

Statement from the Examiners of Public Accounts...
The Department of Examiners of Public Accounts has prepared the County Government Bond Financing Review Form in accordance with Act Number 2009-757. This form became effective Oct. 1, 2009. Click here for a copy of the memo sent to ACCA along with a copy of the County Government Bond Financing Review Form. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Examiners of Public Accounts at .

Stretch every inch out of those purchasing dollars. How can you do it?
How does your county purchase office supplies? Furniture? What about auto parts and accessories for the county vehicles? Maintenance and janitorial supplies? These days when counties are tightening their financial belts and clamping their pocketbooks shut, there are still the bare necessities that must find a way into the county shopping cart. But, that certainly doesn’t mean that Alabama’s counties have to pay, or overpay, for the things needed on a daily basis. Please download a a letter from the Department of Public Examiners approving the purchasing program. Want to know more?

Disaster Assistance Contract for Local Volunteer Groups 
The Association has developed model contracts for counties to utilize in order to allow volunteer groups to be eligible for reimbursement for expenditures during times of disaster. The model contracts are available by clicking here: contract with Volunteer Fire Departments; contract with Volunteer Rescue Squads; Contract with local Volunteer Fire Associations.

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