This section has been designed to make it more "user-friendly" by categorizing the opinions available for review. This section contains opinions of some interest to counties which have been issued since 1999. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of opinions. A complete listing of AG's opinions is available at the Attorney General's website.

Counties may also contact Mary Pons at the ACCA office by phone at for additional information. In addition to the listing by subject matter, the most recent opinions are set out below to allow counties to review new opinions that may be of interest.

Most Recent Opinions (October 2008 to July 2009)

Abatements(See also Tax Collection Issues)

Animal Control

Annexation (See also Road Issues)

Budget Issues

Building Codes

Community Corrections (See County Jails/Corrections)

Compensation Issues

Competitive Bid and Public Works Law (See also Contracts)

Condemnation/Eminent Domain (See also Eminent Domain)

Contracts (See also Competitive Bid and Public Works Law)


County Commission Authority and Prohibited Acts

County Commission Meetings/Rules or Order

County Fund Uses

County Jails/Corrections

County Offices/Officials--Probate Judges/Sheriff/Tax Officials (See also Public Office Issues)

County Property Issues

Court Related Issues

County Responsibility/Statutory Duty

Economic Development

Elections (See also Political Activities)

Emergency Management/E911 Boards

Eminent Domain (See also Condemnation)

Exclusive Franchise (See Competitive Bid and Public Works Law)

Gas Tax Uses

Land Use Regulation

Law Enforcement Issues

Legal Issues

Legal Notices


Licenses and Fees (See also Tax Collection Issues)

Local Acts



Open Meetings Law

Personnel Issues

Political Activities (See also Elections)

Public Boards/Authorities

Public Office Issues

Public Purpose Doctrine

Public Records

Public Works Law (See Competitive Bid and Public Works Law)


Retirement Systems (including Supernumeraries)

Road Issues

Rules of Order (See County Commission Meetings)

School Tax Issues

Solid Waste Issues

Subdivision Regulation (See Land Use Regulation)

Sunshine Law (See Open Meetings Law)

Supernumeraries (See Retirement Systems)

Tax Collection Issues (See also Licenses and Fees)

Tax Exemptions (See Abatements)

Utility Boards

Volunteer Fire Departments

Association of County Commissions of Alabama

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