Alabama Association of Emergency Managers*

AAEM is a non-profit organization of Emergency Management personnel established to:

  • Instill and stimulate love of our community, state and country.
  • Advocate a strong emergency preparedness program adequate for the defense of our country.
  • Foster fraternal relations between Emergency Management personnel at all levels of government.
  • Provide a recognizable force through which Emergency Management advocates can express their concerted views on matters of interest and concern.
  • Establish an alliance between local EMA offices and other agencies of state and local government which have emergency preparedness responsibilities for the exchange of ideas and concerns.
  • Establish an effective liaison with businesses, industries and educational institutions.
  • Promote professionalism among Emergency Management personnel by establishing performance standards and encouraging continuing education.
  • Promote necessary legislation to enhance emergency preparedness at both the state and national levels.

AAEM Officers

AAEM Bylaws

Alabama County Job Openings


2010 Winter Workshop Presentations -- NEW!

09-10 AAEM Annual Membership Dues -- State and County EMA Offices

09-10 AAEM Annual Membership Dues -- Corporate

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*The Alabama Association of Emergency Managers is an affiliate group of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama.

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