In Legal Terms
by Mary Pons, ACCA Association Counsel

Volume 54, Number 1 - 2010
The importance of Alabama’s Open Meetings Law.

Volume 53, Number 5 - 2009
A busy year ahead.

Volume 53, Number 4 - 2009
The Association's Legislative Committee serves as the backbone of ACCA's legislative initiative.

Volume 53, Number 3 - 2009
Keeping up with Alabama's counties

Volume 53, Number 2 - 2009
Is your county still following the Open Meetings Law?

Volume 53, Number 1 - 2009
Living within the county's means.

Volume 52, Number 6 - 2008
Why it's important to stand our ground on tax exemptions.

Volume 52, Number 3 - 2008
Managing solid waste to the benefit of the county.

Volume 52, Number 2 - 2008
Important changes to the Alabama Bid Law.

Volume 52, Number 1 - 2008
The importance of preclearance.

Volume 51, Number 6 - 2007
Public employees in an election year...

Volume 51, Number 5 - 2007
Important dates to remember...

Volume 51, Number 3 - 2007
Frequently Asked Questions on county purchases and sales.

Volume 51, Number 2 - 2007
Self Governance at Work -- Looking back at a past success.

Volume 51, Number 1 - 2007
Supreme Court issues important ruling on County's governmental authority.

Volume 50, Number 5 - 2006
A Commission's decision to privatize county inmate healthcare

Convention Issue 2006
Juvenile justice system needs major reform

Pre-Convention Issue 2006
Interpreting the new Open Meetings Law

Spring Issue 2006
Subdivision regulations strengthened by Legislature

Fall Issue 2005
HAVA big concern as elections quickly approach

Convention Issue 2005
Counties should review for ADA compliance

Pre-Convention Issue 2005
Counties should have written drug testing policy

Legislative Wrap-Up Issue 2005
Funding for 911 services important issue for counties

Spring Issue 2005
Legislature addresses local constitutional amendments

Legislative Conference Issue 2004
County employees join ACCA staff in the trenches

Fall Issue 2004
Counties Responsible for Implementing Laws

Convention Issue 2004
Habitual Felony Offender Act Ruled Constitutional

Pre-Convention Issue 2004
New Election Laws May Impact Counties in November

Spring Issue 2004
Counties Should Protect Their Right to Counsel

Legislative Preview Issue 2003
Understanding Alabama's Open Records Act

September/October 2003
Tools for Monitoring and Passing Local Legislation

Fall Issue 2003
Local Bills Vitally Important to Counties

Convention Issue 2003
Alabama's New Smoking Law Takes Effect

Pre-Convention Issue 2003
AG Issues Opinion on Open Meetings Law

Spring Issue 2003
Attorney General Issues Four Important Opinions

Legislative Preview Issue 2002
Responsibilities Regarding Employee Military Leave

Fall Issue 2002
Medical Care for Inmates Huge Burdon to Counties

Convention Issue 2002
Commission Only May Set School Tax Elections

Pre-Convention Issue 2002
Public Officials and Conflicts of Interest

Spring Issue 2002
Sexual Harassment in the County Workplace

January/February 2002
Legislation Could Help Ease Jail Overcrowding

Legislative Preview 2001
Outcome of Four Cases Important to Counties

Fall Issue 2001
Ethics an Issue as 3rd Special Session Ends

Convention Issue 2001
Abuse of Roads Costs Counties Money and Energy

May/June 2001
Ruling May Not End Prison Backlog Problem

March/April 2001
Attorney General Answers Credit Card Questions

January/February 2001
2001 Legislative Session Refresher Course

Fall 2000
Terms Bring New Faces, Questions

Convention Issue 2000
Elmore County Versus Smith Revisited

Legislative Wrap-Up 2000
Counties Face New Challenges After Recent Road Rulings

January/February 2000
County Employees Need Answers Before Seeking Office

November/December 1999
Emergency Bid Situations Raise Frequent Questions

September/October 1999
Supreme Court Ruling Makes It Nice To Revisit Smitherman

July/August 1999
Cost of Incarceration Legislation Eases Burden on Counties

May/June 1999
New Liability Questions Raised in Supreme Court Decision

March/April 1999
Supreme Court Strikes Down Alabama's Franchise Tax

January/February 1999
Identifying Road and Bridge Revenue Sources is Complicated Task

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