Executive Director's Report
by O.H. "Buddy" Sharpless, ACCA's Previous Executive Director

Volume 52, Number 5, 2008
One last column with memories of more than 36 years with the Association of County Commissions of Alabama.

Volume 52, Number 3, 2008
How big is BIG?

Volume 52, Number 2, 2008
Don't be too hard on the Alabama Senate.

Volume 52, Number 1, 2008
New law passed to help fund OPEB liabilities.

Volume 51, Number 6, 2007
GASB Statements 43 and 45 ill-advised.

Volume 51, Number 5 - 2007
Confused over health insurance?

Volume 51, Number 3 - 2007
How much do YOU know about ACCA's sponsored products and services?

Volume 51, Number 2 - 2007
Following up on one of ACCA's oldest complaints from its members.

Volume 51, Number 1 - 2007
ACCA receives great newsabout counties that receive federal funds for transportation projects.

Volume 50, Number 5 - 2006
Old Friends Have Moved On...

Convention Issue 2006
Staff and members getting ready for another Legislative Session

Pre-Convention Issue 2006
One county forfeits Federal transportation funds

Spring Issue 2006
Counties enjoy successful legislative quadrennium

Fall Issue 2005
Brige program huge success for counties

Convention Issue 2005
Gas prices are a serious concern for county budgets

Pre-Convention Issue 2005
Two counties forfeit, two counties gain federal funds

Legislative Wrap-Up Issue 2005
Counties can benefit from U.S. Communities program

Spring Issue 2005
Trip to Washington, D.C. beginning to pay off

Legislative Conference Issue 2004
Insurance funds return $26 million to participants

Fall Issue 2004
"If you don't have it, that's why you need it"

Convention Issue 2004
Only Two Counties Forfeit Federal Funds

Pre-Convention Issue 2004
Organization Must Work Together for Counties

Spring Issue 2004
New Health Insurance Advisory Committee

Legislative Preview Issue 2003
Next General Fund Budget WILL Affect Counties

September/October 2003
Deferred Compensation Plan Benefits Employees

Fall Issue 2003
Workers Comp Fund Continues to Return Money

Convention Issue 2003
Eight Counties Forfeit Portion of Federal Funds

Pre-Convention Issue 2003
Legislative Sessions Truly a Team Effort

Spring Issue 2003
Constitution Commission Recommends Changes

Legislative Preview Issue 2002
Two County Commissioners Will Be Greatly Missed

Fall Issue 2002
State History is Made in Houston County

Convention Issue 2002
ACCA Leadership...Those Who Serve

Pre-Convention Issue 2002
Jail Overcrowding Issue Progressing, Far From Over

Spring Issue 2002
Counties Enjoy Successful Legislative Quadrennium

January/February 2002
DROP Bill Offers Options for Retirement

Legislative Preview 2001
Three New Counties in Liability Insurance Program

Fall Issue 2001
A "Wake-Up Call" for America

Convention Issue 2001
ACCA Leadership and Involvement for 2001 - 2002

May/June 2001
Omnibus Compensation Act Highlights Session

March/April 2001
Three Counties Forfeit Portion of Federal Funds

January/February 2001
ACCA Board of Directors Adopts Long Term Care Insurance Program

Legislative Preview 2000
NACo Assistance Valuable to Counties

Fall 2000
Counties Ready to Implement Amendment 1

Convention Issue 2000
Deferred Compensation Can Provide Additional Retirement Income

Summer 2000
Amendment #3--Counties Should Not Overlook This Important Proposal

Legislative Wrap-Up Issue 2000
Bond Issue and Omnibus Bill Highlight Productive Session

January/February 2000
ACCA Liability Self-Insurance Fund Starts Twelfth Year

November/December 1999
1999 Special Session Yields Agreement on Franchise Tax

September/October 1999
ACCA Membership Shows Collective Wisdom In Selecting Leaders

July/August 1999
New Procedures for Use of Federal Transportation Funds

May/June 1999
Why Don't You Ask Them to Paint Your House While They're There?

March/April 1999
Removal of Inmates from County Jails Going Well - For Now

January/February 1999
Sand and Gravel Procurement is Hot Topic on ACCA Phone Lines

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