The County Line
by Sonny Brasfield, ACCA Executive Director

Volume 54, Number 1 - 2010
ACCA’s Task Force on Health Insurance Costs tackles a monumental problem.

Volume 53, Number 5 - 2009
"Who's going to fix the road?"

Volume 53, Number 4 - 2009
Funding for forensics demonstrates need for local "voices" in Montgomery.

Volume 53, Number 3 - 2009
"Where you stand is based on where you sit."

Volume 53, Number 2 - 2009
All's quiet with the Department of Corrections...but will it stay that way?

Volume 53, Number 1 - 2009
Seventeen years...

Volume 52, Number 6 - 2008
County employees give so much...

Volume 52, Number 5 - 2008
Under the leadership of Buddy Sharpless, the Association and its membership have enjoyed major legislative success.

Volume 52, Number 3 - 2008
ACCA's members get involved early in the legislative process.

Volume 52, Number 2 - 2008
Can we solve the problem with Alabama's county bridges?

Volume 52, Number 1 - 2008
"Pain at the pump" is hitting counties in the pocketbook.

Volume 51, Number 6 - 2007
Not everything is meant for the Internet

Volume 51, Number 5 - 2007
And, you think you have troubles...

Volume 51, Number 3 - 2007
It's time to tackle Alabama's business licensing process...again.

Volume 51, Number 2 - 2007
Making Alabama's roads safe will take time and money.

Volume 51, Number 1 - 2007
How does Alabama's system for reappraising property for ad valorem taxes affect your county?

Volume 50, Number 5 - 2006
Association's Environmental Steering Committee faces another uphill battle

Convention Issue 2006
"If it's not good for every county, then it's not good for any county."

Pre-Convention Issue 2006
Should there be a statewide building code in Alabama?

Spring Issue 2006
Six counties vote on self-governance powers in June

Fall Issue 2005
Good government is still about the people

Convention Issue 2005
Streamline Sales Tax makes progress...slowly

Pre-Convention Issue 2005
News media often focuses attention on wrong story

Legislative Wrap-Up Issue 2005
Self-governance brings positive changes to state

Spring Issue 2005
New "Open Meetings" law takes effect October 1

Legislative Conference Issue 2004
Out-dated equipment hinders wireless 9-1-1 calls

Fall Issue 2004
Local Constitutional Amendments Puzzle Voters

Convention Issue 2004
Close Examination of Local Laws Needed

Pre-Convention Issue 2004
Revised Election Process Costs Counties Money

Spring Issue 2004
ACCA Stands Against New Open Meetings Legislation

Legislative Preview Issue 2003
Redistricting Causes Fuss Among Some Constituents

September/October 2003
Counties Looking for Next Once-in-a-Lifetime Project

Fall Issue 2003
Lessons Learned From County Joint Bid Program

Convention Issue 2003
"Disconnect" Separates State Government and Voters

Pre-Convention Issue 2003
Home Rule Legislation is Making Progress Each Year

Spring Issue 2003
Reappraisal NOT a Dirty Word in Alabama

Legislative Preview Issue 2002
Streamline Sales Tax Issue Important for Legislature

Fall Issue 2002
Counties Work to Consolidate Software

Convention Issue 2002
Maintaining County Roads Within Municipal Limits

Pre-Convention Issue 2002
November Elections About More Than Just Education

Spring Issue 2002
Streamline Sales Tax Project Moving Forward

January/February 2002
Debate on County Self-Goverance Bill Heats Up

Legislative Preview 2001
On-Site Absentee Voting a Thing of the Past

Fall Issue 2001
State Litter Laws Need Enforcing

Convention Issue 2001
Bill Ends ABC Revenue Diversion Tactics

May/June 2001
Collecting Internet Taxes Not As Easy As Planned

March/April 2001
Is "Local Courtesy Rule" A Thing of the Past?

January/February 2001
Counties Search for Solution to Internet Sales Tax Problem

Legislative Preview 2000
Long-Term Solution Sought for Jail Delima

Fall 2000
ACCA Accepts Purchasing "Challenge"

Convention Issue 2000
Is "Self Goverance" More Than a Whisper?

Summer 2000
Lessons Learned Important for November Vote

Legialative Wrap-Up 2000
Unhappy Anniversary--State to "Celebrate" 100 Year Anniversary of Outdated Document

January/February 2000
Changing Philosophy Means Change in County Administration

November/December 1999
Local Legislation Was the Hot Ticket During Special Session

September/October 1999
Commission Structure May Be the Cause of No Self-Governance

July/August 1999
On-Site Voting Legislation Simplifies An Otherwise Complex Process

May/June 1999
"Tough on Crime" Legislation Worthwhile, but Costly for Counties

March/April 1999
ACCA and Affiliates Provide Quality Educational Programs

January/February 1999
Reforming Business Licensing May Be New Challenge for Counties

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